The extended Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum Domburg is scheduled for 2020-2022. The Museum will offer accommodation on behalf of Francisca van Vloten’s initiative to found a Study Centre for research into the meaning, background and future of the Artists’ Colonies in Europe and the documentation thereof. Van Vloten has set up a separate Foundation, which in regard to the execution of its objectives is independent of the MTVP Museum. In fact, the ICEAC is planned as the scientific side of EuroArt, the Federation of Artists’ Colonies in Europe existing since 1994, while the management side thereof for the time being resides in Worpswede D.


The ICEAC objectives are:

  1. Doing and promoting research into the European Artists’ Colonies.
  2. Founding and maintaining a Research Centre, which is based on the collected Archives and the relevant publications, books and works.
  3. Actively acquiring Documentation and Archives of third parties.
  4. Setting up and maintaining an international digital Exchange Network on the theme, available to ‘friends of the ICEAC’.


The ICEAC intends to become the European Knowledge Centre in the field of Artists’ Colonies by

  • Advancing studies and running a website.
  • Organizing activities, e.g. Summer Courses and interregional & international Projects in associating with other Museums, Universities, Colleges & Academies, preferably throughout Europe. Special focus on Artists & Researchers in Residence Programs and cultural projects for children and seniors.
  • Establishing a Think Tank of international experts to (solicited and unsolicited) advise on the policy and to be helpful in the development of a European network of agencies and individuals who can contribute to the attainment of the objectives.

Become a friend of the ICEAC-to be: