Mirror of the soul

Many works by Jan Toorop are on show in the wonderful exhibition organised by the Singer Museum in co-operation with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Guest Curator Jenny Reynaerts, Senior Curator of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, composed the exhibition which was opened by the Director of the Rijksmuseum Taco Dibbets. A small selection.

The Director of the Singer Museum Jan Rudolph de Lorm with flowers for Jenny Reynaerts and Taco Dibbets.

A special Self-Portrait by Jan Toorop, in his studio in Amsterdam, 1880, oil on canvas, Coll. Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

And another beautiful Self-Portrait by Jan Toorop, from 1881, with water colour and chalk, Coll. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Portrait of Jeannette de Lange, who met Toorop not only in Scheveningen and The Hague but also several times in Domburg. One of Toorop’s most beautiful portraits; painted in 1900, oil on canvas, Coll. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Many styles can be recognized in the portrait, while it in particular renders an atmosphere of harmony and serenity. Toorop’s typical way of covering the whole canvas, shows a setting of flowers which in addition to a decorative element also entails a symbolist aspect. Toorop’s Pointillism, which avoids strong colour contrasts, here in particular is suited to display dreaminess and concentration at the same time. The light seems to cast a sublime shine over the canvas both from the in- and the outside.

The Sisters Henny, the beautiful triptych in black and coloured chalk, dated 1897, which hang at the Wiener Secession in Vienna in 1901/1902. Adrienne’s portrait in the middle now belongs to the Groninger Museum; the portraits of Anna and Zus (Sis; Helena) still are in private collections.