Introduction & objectives


The extended Domburg Museum in the province of Zeeland NL is scheduled for 2022-2024. The Museum will offer accommodation on behalf of Francisca van Vloten’s initiative to found a Study Centre into the meaning, background and future of the Artists’ Colonies in Europe and the documentation thereof. In regard to the execution of its objectives, the Centre is independent of the Domburg Museum. The ICEAC is planned as the scientific side of euroart, the Federation of Artists’ Colonies in Europe existing since 1994. The management side of euroart for the time being resides in Worpswede GE. In view of its present role as advisor and its future role as the scientific side of the Federation, euroart is financially supporting the Centre.


The ICEAC objectives are:

  1. Maintaining a Research Centre, which is based on the collected Archives and the relevant publications, books and documents.
  2. Doing and promoting research into the European Artists’ Colonies & advising there upon.
  3. Actively acquiring Documentation and Archives from third parties.
  4. Maintaining an international Exchange Network on the theme, in particular available to the members of euroart and the friends of the ICEAC.
  5. Organising interregional & international Projects in collaboration with comparable Institutions.
  6. Housing an important private Art Collection on European Artists’ Colonies and make its viewing available to the public.

The ICEAC intends to become the European Knowledge Centre in the field of Artists’ Colonies