The ICEAC is a Research and Documentation Institute in Domburg, the Netherlands.

It houses a large Library of several thousands of books on European Artists’ Colonies and a Study Centre for research into the meaning, background and future of the Artists’ Colonies in Europe and the documentation thereof.

As scientific side of the Federation of Artists’ Colonies in Europe (EuroArt), the Centre will open outwards at the same time as the newly planned Art Museum of Domburg, which was scheduled for 2020-2022. Due to COVID-19, the period necessarily has been postponed to 2023-24. At the moment, the ICEAC mainly functions as an Advisory Board.

It is a longstanding wish, supported by the Board & many members of Euroart and ready to roll out fully as soon as the new housing is realised. Negotiations on the extension of the existing Museum are in full swing. Among other things, the ICEAC – which also has an extensive and precious Art Collection under its care, focused on the classical and contemporary Artists’ Colonies in Europe – will organise interregional & international Projects in association with the Members and Partners of EuroArt.