The Library and Documentation Archives are growing steadily, also thanks to contributions by EuroArt colleagues and private individuals.

The CFVV, which is currently spread over several depots, is actively expanding its Art Collection and will be housed in the Centre in due course.

Some of its recent acquisitions are:

  • A delicate yet strong oil by Otto van Rees of his wife Adya, in bed after giving birth to their first child, Paris 1910. Among other things, both artists are known for their connections to the Artists’ Colonies of Laren, Domburg and Ascona.
  • The carefree impression, rendered by the painting of three bathing women, 1916, by the prominent Nabis artist Maurice Denis, is exemplary for his simplification of forms, use of the waving lines of French Art Nouveau and emphasising colours.
  • A Merz collage with mixed media by the famous Dada artist Kurt Schwitters, circa 1919-1929. With his Merz pictures, Schwitters went beyond the traditional boundaries of the visual arts.

The ICEAC Director regularly advises on relevant matters to institutions such as EuroArt and to private individuals.

The ICEAC developed the Jan Toorop Route, which still is expanding throughout Europe, starting with museums and organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Serbia.

Among other things, the ICEAC will organise interregional & international Projects in association with the Members and Partners of EuroArt.