The Toorop Route

The ICEAC developed the Jan Toorop Route, which still is expanding throughout Europe, starting with museums and organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Serbia.

Acquired by the ICEAC

‘Angel next to St. Aloysius’. Recently, the ICEAC acquired one of Jan Toorop’s studies for the decorations of the St. Aloysius Chapel in the New St. Bavo Church in Haarlem. The ‘Angel next to St. Aloysius’ is done with brush…
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Boats near Domburg

Through Toorop’s friend Miek Janssen, this pencil and coloured chalk drawing ended up in the USA. Since May 2020, it is back where it came into being: in the Dutch Artists’ Colony Domburg, ICEAC CFVV.
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The Jan Toorop Project

A Route Jan Toorop through Europa has been and still is being developed by the ICEAC (Francisca van Vloten). Read more: A short Jan Toorop Biography The ICEAC is the Ambassador of the Toorop Network in Europe, in liaison with euroart,…
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